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MaxLink 8 port switch 10 100 Mbps with 7 PoE ports - no power adapter

Šifra artikla: 02-mxl-poes-8-7p-nops
MaxLink POES-8-7P-NOPS, (8) port unmanaged Desktop Rackmount (no power adapter included) 24V Passive 48V 802.3af at Active PoE switch. (8)10 100 Mbps RJ45 ports with 7 PoE ports which can support passive (24V 48V), and Active 48V 56V (802.3af, 802,3at) devices at same time. Ports 1-7 inject 24V or 4…

Ubiquiti Networks Gig Port Edge Router Lite

Šifra artikla: 02-ubq-erlite-3
Ubiquiti Networks ERLite-3, (3)1000Mbps Gigabit Port Edgerouter (Layer-3 base forwarding) 1,000,000 packets per second for 64-byte packets. Line rate (3 Gbps) across all three ports for 512-byte packets and higher, Dual-core 500Mhz MIPS64 processor with hardware acceleration for packet processing an…

MikroTik 24 port Gigabit 2 SFP Cloud Smart Switch

Šifra artikla: 02-mik-css326-24g-2srm
MikroTik CSS326-24G-2S RM, SwOS powered 24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch with two SFP ports in 1U rackmount case that provides wire speed connectivity with several new switching features. It gives you all the basic functionality for a managed switch, plus more: allows to manage port-to-port forwardin…

MikroTik RBOmniTikG-5HacD 5GHz AP OmniTik Access point

Šifra artikla: 02-mik-omnitik-5-ac
MikroTik OmniTIK 5ac, 5GHz AP OmniTik Access point features five Gigabit Ethernet ports and support for 802.11ac. It's equipped with powerful 720Mhz CPU, 128MB RAM, high power 1,300mW 802.11an ac Dual Chain wireless (support for AC as well as backwards compatible with regular 802.11an CPE) and comes…

MikroTik RBGrooveG-52HPacn Wireless Outdoor Radio

Šifra artikla: 02-mik-groove-52-ac
MikroTik Groove 52 ac (RBGrooveG-52HPacn), Wireless Outdoor Radio with N-male connector. Operates in either 2.4GHz 802.11b g n or 5GHz 802.11a n ac (software selectable), Max TX power 26 dBm 398mW, built-in N-male connector, QCA-9889 720Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, (1)1000 Mbps Gigabit RJ45 Port, Power Requir…

MikroTik RBGrooveA-52HPacn Wireless Outdoor Radio with dual band Omni Ant,

Šifra artikla: 02-mik-groovea-52-ac
MikroTik GrooveA 52 AC (RBGrooveGA-52HPacn), Wireless Outdoor Radio with N-male connector. Operates in either 2.4GHz 802.11b g n or 5GHz 802.11a n ac (software selectable), The Groove A (AP model) comes with Level 4 license and includes a Dual Band 2.4 5GHz Omni directional antenna (6dBi 2.4GHz, 8dB…

MikroTik RBLDF-5nD 5GHz Lite dish feed (dish not included)

Šifra artikla: 02-mik-ldf-5
MikroTik LDF 5 (RBLDF-5nD), (Lite dish feed) is an outdoor wireless system with a built in antenna, meant to be installed on satellite offset dish antennas. The dish will act as a reflector, amplifying the signal. you can use any available satellite TV dish with an offset mount to quickly deploy pow…

MikroTik Mini Wireless 2,4Ghz AP

Šifra artikla: 02-mik-rbmap2nd
MikroTik RBmAP2nD, Tiny size wireless 2.4GHz 802.11bgn Access Point with full RouterOS capabilities. It is very portable, since it accepts power from a wide variety of sources - USB, Passive or Active PoE (802.3af and 802.3at) and power jack. It also works as a PoE injector - the second Ethernet por…

Ubiquiti Networks EdgeSwitch 8x GLAN, 2x SFP, POE , 150W

Šifra artikla: 02-ubq-es-8-150w
Ubiquiti Networks ES-8-150W, (10)Port Layer 2 Managed PoE Wallmountable Desktop EdgeSwitch. (8)1000Mbps Gigabit RJ45 Ports (2)SFP slots. Ports 1-8 inject either 24V Passive PoE or IEEE 802.3at af 48V DC power. In Passive PoE mode it injects up to 17W per port. In 802.3at mode it injects 50-57V up to…

MikroTik LHG5 3-pack Compact 5GHz Wireless Device with 24.5dBi grid Antena

Šifra artikla: 02-mik-rblhg-5nd-3
MikroTik RBLHG-5ND (LHG5 3-pack), 3pcs in 1 carton of of Light Head Grid (LHG) is a compact and light wireless device with an integrated 24.5dBi 5Ghz 802.11a n Dual Chain antenna, equipped with 600Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, 1x 10 100Mbps Ethernet port and RouterOS L3 license, perfect for CPE or Point-to-Poi…

MikroTik RB952Ui-5ac2nD-TC 5 Port AC dual band Wifi AP Tower Case

Šifra artikla: 02-mik-hap-ac-lite-tc
Mikrotik HAP AC Lite (RB952Ui-5ac2nD-TC), Dual Band-concurrent Access Point Tower case, that provides Wifi coverage for 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time. Dual chain wireless 2.4GHz. Single chain wireless 5GHz. 650MHz CPU. 64MB of RAM. Five 10 100Mbps Ethernet ports. Passive PoE output on…

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi 16-Port Gigabit Switch 150W PoE

Šifra artikla: 02-ubq-us-16-150w
Ubiquiti Networks US-16-150W, UniFi 8-Port Gigabit Switch. 16 Independent switching ports sharing a total of 150W PoE Power. 16 Gigabit ethernet ports offer 802.3af at PoE or 24V passive PoE and two SFP slots for Optical Connectivity. Integrates with the UniFi Controller software for centralized man…

MikroTik (RB960PGS) 5-port Gigabit PoE Router

Šifra artikla: 02-mik-hex-poe
MikroTik hEX PoE (RB960PGS), 5-port gigabit ethernet router. 800MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 5xGLAN, USB, Router OS Lvl 4, PSU. 1x USB 2.0 port and a SFP slot for adding fiber modules. Ports 2-5 can power other PoE capable devices with the same voltage as applied to the unit. Can be powered by PoE or 24V 2.5…

Asus Dual-Band Wireless AC600 Wi-Fi adapter

Šifra artikla: 02-asn-usb-ac51
Asus USB-AC51, Pocket-size 802.11ac Dual-Band Wireless-AC600 USB Wi-Fi adapter. Selectable dual-band 5GHz 2.4GHz for up to 433 Mbps. AC600 complete AC performance : 150 433 Mbps. Internal 4.56 dBi antenna x 2. Operating frequency 2.4 GHz 5 GHz. Dimension 30.98 x 16 x 8.64cm

Trendnet WiFi Baby Cam

Šifra artikla: 02-tre-tv-ip743sic
Trendnet TV-IP743SIC, WiFi Baby Cam allows you to monitor your baby from any internet connection. Hear and comfort your baby with the built in microphone and speaker. See your baby in complete darkness with night vision (5 meters). Setup motion and sound detection to receive video clips via email. M…

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