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Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK3 igraća mehanička tipkovnica, RGB LED, Kailh plavo, USB

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Jamstvo: 24 mjeseca

– The SKILLER MECH SKG3 is mechanical 3-block keyboard which dares the impossible by combining eSport features with unbeatable value for money
– The compact design is presented with a strengthened metal surface, freestanding keys and a rich range of RGB illumination
– Thus – whether in gaming events or in your own gaming setup at home – the keyboard will definitely look the part. Moreover, the SKILLER MECH SGK3 has a functional design which meets the demands of hobby and professional gamers alike, offering a polling rate of 1000 hertz and various function keys with preset multimedia actions. An intuitive gaming software is also available

– For the switch mechanism, we have relied on the twenty-five-year experience of the specialist manufacturer, Kaihua, whose switches have been inspired by the Cherry MX series
– The red, completely feedbackless switches are especially suitable for immersive gaming sessions
– The blue switches are reminiscent of a typing machine keys with both their felt and acoustic feedback
– The brown keys are ideal for those who like to sense the keys under their fingers but prefer not to hear any typing noise

– The SKILLER MECH SGK3 offers RGB illumination with 16.8 million colors and over twenty preset lighting effects
– With or without the free downloadable software, these can be selected and adjusted according to color, frequency, brightness and direction
– It is also possible to customize the illumination as desired – for example, according to different gaming genres – either using the software or directly on the keyboard

– As well as general settings for the polling rate and the illumination, the downloadable, easy-to-use gaming software also allows keys to be assigned with multimedia functions and macros
– All the customizations made via the gaming software can be saved in three separate profiles and, whenever required, exported onto the computer for future use

– The SKILLER MECH SGK3 has selectable 6-key or n-key rollover, anti-ghosting keys and a polling rate of 1000 hertz and is thus optimally designed for gaming
– Practical extras complete the entire package of features, such as the gaming mode with disabled Windows key, the interchangeable WASD and arrow keys, as well as various function keys with preset multimedia actions

– The SKILLER MECH SGK3 not only has compact dimensions, but it has also been consciously designed for minimalistic tidiness
– The surface of the mechanical, three-block keyboard is made of strengthened metal, which, with the free-standing keys, provides an elegantly simple appearance, allowing the illumination to come to the fore

– Type: Gaming Keyboard
– Switch Technology: Mechanical (Kailh Blue)
– Illumination: RGB
– Adjustable Illumination: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%, Off
– Lighting Effect: Yes
– Max. Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
– Gaming Mode: Yes
– Block: 3-Block Layout
– Weight incl. Cable: 1.46 kg
– Dimensions (L×W×H): 446×170×45 mm
– Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10

– Function Keys with Preset Multimedia Actions: Yes
– Anti-Ghosting Keys: Yes
– N-Key Rollover Support: Yes
– 6-Key Rollover Support: Yes
– Arrow Keys Functions are Interchangeable with the WASD Section: Yes
– Operating Force: 50 g
– Switch: Tactile
– Switching Point: Detectable
– Click Point: Precisely Detectable
– Distance to Actuation Point: 1.9 mm
– Operating Life Cycles of Keys: Min. 50 Million Keystrokes

– Connector: USB
– Textile Braided Cable: Yes
– Cable Length: 180 cm
– Gold-Plated USB Plug: Yes


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