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Mikrotik Chateau LTE12 kit, 716MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 5×G-LAN, Dual-Band (2.4Ghz/5Ghz) 802.11b/g/n/ac, LTE CAT12 modem, microSIM, USB, PSU, tower kućište, RouterOS L4


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Jamstvo: 24 mjeseca

– One router to delight them all – introducing the ultimate home AP with LTE support
– Lets face it – most of the standard issue access points cant really satisfy the extremely diverse client base – they either lack features, users want more speed and higher gain, the price is too high or they look weird
– We decided to take all the aspects that are important for most home users and create a single device that will make them happy – this is the MikroTik Chateau
– It is a high-speed, dual-band home access point with CAT12 LTE – for really fast Internet anywhere, anytime. But LTE is not the only option – Chateau also features 5× Gigabit Ethernet ports and a full size USB port
– Strong dual-chain dual-band 2.4/5 GHz wireless for concurrent coverage will solve most interference issues in a crowded environment. For example, a client can simultaneously use the 2.4 GHz channel for all household mobile devices and reserve the 5 GHz channel for tasks that are sensitive to packet loss – such as streaming high-quality videos
– Not only our RouterOS software comes with robust security options, we also focus on the production security
– There is no outsourcing, every device is assembled in our premises and all the components come from reputable, trusted partners – such as Qualcomm
– We cooperate with European law-makers and work hard to ensure full compliance with all the necessary safety policies
– MikroTik is all about smooth, long-term cooperation without surprises
– Reach speeds of up to 600 Mbps with carrier aggregation, as CAT12 allows devices to use three bands at the same time
– That is a huge advantage when there are a lot of LTE users in the area. Chateau LTE12 provides better responsiveness in a crowded environment and higher efficiency for weaker signal situations in the countryside
– Depending on the service provider, we have seen Internet speed doubling in rural areas after switching to carrier aggregation, so there is no need to wait for cable network expansions

– Architecture: ARM 32bit
– CPU: IPQ-4019
– CPU core count: 4
– CPU nominal frequency: 716 MHz
– Dimensions: 240×156×44 mm
– License level: 4
– Operating System: RouterOS (compatible only with v7.0 and above)
– Size of RAM: 256 MB
– Storage size: 16 MB
– Storage type: FLASH
– Tested ambient temperature: -40C to 70C

– Number of DC inputs: 1 (DC jack)
– DC jack input Voltage: 12-28 V
– Max power consumption: 23 W
– Max power consumption without attachments: 17 W

– 3G Category: R8 (42.2Mbps Downlink, 11.2Mbps Uplink)
– 3G bands: 1 (2100MHz) / 5 (850MHz) / 8 (900MHz) / 3 (1800MHz)
– LTE Category: 12 (600Mbps Downlink, 150Mbps Uplink)
– LTE FDD bands: 1 (2100MHz) / 3 (1800MHz) / 5 (850MHz) / 7 (2600MHz) / 8 (900 MHz) / 20 (800MHz) / 28 (700MHz)
– LTE TDD bands: 38 (2600MHz) / 40 (2300MHz) / 41 (2500MHz)

– AC speed: AC1200
– Wireless 2.4 GHz Max data rate: 300 Mbit/s
– Wireless 2.4 GHz number of chains: 2
– Wireless 2.4 GHz standards: 802.11b/g/n
– Antenna gain dBi for 2.4 GHz: 3
– Wireless 2.4 GHz chip model: IPQ-4019
– Wireless 2.4 GHz generation: Wi-Fi 4
– Wireless 5 GHz Max data rate: 867 Mbit/s
– Wireless 5 GHz number of chains: 2
– Wireless 5 GHz standards: 802.11a/n/ac
– Antenna gain dBi for 5 GHz: 5.5
– Wireless 5 GHz chip model: IPQ-4019
– Wireless 5 GHz generation: Wi-Fi 5

– 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports: 5

– Number of SIM slots: 1 Modem (Micro SIM)
– Number of USB ports: 1
– USB Power Reset: Yes
– USB slot type: USB type A
– Max USB current (A): 1

– Mode button: Yes

– Certification: CE/RED, EAC, ROHS

– 24V 1.5A power adapter


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