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Mikrotik RouterBOARD RB5009UPr+S+IN, ARMv8 CPU, 1GB DDR4 RAM, 1GB NAND, 1×2.5Gbit LAN, 7×1Gbit LAN, 802.3af/at PoE-out/-in, 1xSFP+, RouterOS L5, metalno desktop kučište, PSU

333,08  (2.509,59 kn)

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TEČAJ: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK SKU 57994 Kategorija Oznaka

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Opis proizvoda

Jamstvo: 24 mjeseca

– This version of the RB5009 has all the bells and whistles of the previous model: Gigabit Ethernet, 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, and a 10 Gigabit SFP+ cage for fiber connectivity.
It has the speed, the power, and the durability. But this time, we have added PoE-in & PoE-out on all eight Ethernet ports. Combined with the 2-pin connector and the DC jack, you’re getting 10 separate ways of powering.
Dual redundant power supplies would usually take your uninterrupted uptime to the next level. RB5009UPr+S+IN takes it one step above that!

– All power options support a wide voltage range of 24 – 57 V. However, you can not mix the voltages.
If you’re using PoE-out to power other devices, the board will choose the source with the highest voltage (DC jack or the 2-pin connector) to power those.

– Each PoE-out port can supply up to 25W of power. All the ports combined are limited to 130W, which should be enough for most setups. You can specify maximum available power from your power sources manually, if necessary.
When it comes to PoE-out features, the new RB5009 can trade blows with our legendary PoE switches: CRS354 & CRS328. In the smallest possible form-factor and for the best price on the market!

– So what exactly happens if there is a problem with one of your power sources? Here’s a quick example: you have 24V on the DC jack, 48V on the 2-pin connector, and 57V on the PoE-in.
The board itself gets powered by the highest voltage input – the PoE-in. If there’s a problem, RB5009 will fall back to the second highest voltage – the 2-pin connector. And if that fails – there’s the 24V option on the DC jack.

– What about the PoE-out devices? Once again – the highest voltage wins. PoE-out devices will draw power from the 48V source on the 2-pin connector.
If that fails – the 24V on the DC jack come into play. The board will always reserve 20 watts to power itself. If there is not enough power for all the PoE-out ports, it will start disabling the ones with the lowest priority. You can set the port priority manually.

– This tiny form-factor shines anywhere: from confined research facilities and offices to huge corporate server rooms. And don’t forget that you can mount FOUR of these routers in a single 1U rackmount space
With the new RB5009, we want to empower all the small and medium ISPs that are always on the lookout for the most cost-effective and robust solutions. It is a perfect addition to our previous GPEN devices – a line of products designed to replace the expensive GPON solutions.
With so many powering options and a durable metallic case, the new RB5009 redefines affordable reliability.

– Architecture: ARM 64bit
– CPU: 88F7040
– CPU core count: 4
– CPU nominal frequency: 350-1400 (auto) MHz
– Switch chip model: 88E6393
– RouterOS license: 5
– Operating System: RouterOS (v7 only)
– Size of RAM: 1 GB
– Storage size: 1 GB
– Storage type: NAND
– MTBF: Approximately 200’000 hours at 25C
– Tested ambient temperature: -40°C to 60°C
– IPsec hardware acceleration : Yes

– Number of DC inputs: 3 (DC jack, PoE-IN, 2-pin terminal)
– DC jack input Voltage: 24-57 V
– 2-pin terminal input Voltage: 24-57 V
– Max power consumption: 150 W
– Max power consumption without attachments: 15 W
– Cooling type: Passive
– PoE in: 802.3af/at (ether1), Mode B (ether2-ether8)
– PoE in input Voltage: 24-57 V

– PoE-out ports: Ether1-Ether8
– PoE out: 802.3af/at
– Max out per port output (input 18-30 V): 640 mA
– Max out per port output (input 30-57 V): 420 mA
– Max total out (A): 2.59 A
– Total output current: 2.28
– Total output power: 130

– 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports: 7
– Number of 1G Ethernet ports with Reverse PoE (PoE-in): 7
– Number of 2.5G Ethernet ports: 1
– Number of 2.5G Ethernet ports with Reverse PoE (PoE-in): 1

– S-FP+ ports: 1

– Number of USB ports: 1
– USB Power Reset: Yes
– USB slot type: USB 3.0 type A
– Max USB current (A): 1

– CPU temperature monitor: Yes
– Current Monitor: Yes
– PCB temperature monitor: Yes
– Voltage Monitor: Yes

Certification & Approvals
– Certification: CE, EAC, ROHS
– IP: 20


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